Anxiety Hypnotherapist

Experience Rapid Transformation and Lasting Relief From Anxiety, Stress, Trauma & Panic Attacks

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Simply I help people to take control of anxiety disorders using specialist anxiety treatment and counselling methods.

Our aim is to quickly reduce anxiety symptoms & panic attacks while giving you the tools to control your emotions & feelings better in the future.




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Anxiety Hypnotherapy Calgary
Anxiety Hypnotherapist
Anxiety Hypnotherapist
Anxiety Hypnotherapist
Anxiety Hypnotherapist

Alberta's Trusted Anxiety & Mental Health Hypnotherapy Expert

Is your heart and mind constantly racing? Do you wake up and spend everyday in panic and dread? Is anxiety or panic affecting your relationships? Your family? Your work life?

Do everyday situations like driving, going to work, meeting new people or even answering the phone fill you with dread?

Do you want to feel calm and confident in social or work situations or let go of fears and phobias?

Is stress affecting your sleep pattern?

Do you want to better understand and manage the relationship between ADHD and anxiety?

I can tell you that after experience with anxiety, healing from anxiety through hypnotherapy is the best thing I have ever done. Those closest to me now have the best, anxiety-free version of myself and I want to help you experience the same transformation that changed my own life.

I help adults and teens to break free from anxiety, stress, self sabotage and panic by dealing with the root causes of these issues. 

My own experience with anxiety means I understand just how you feel, and know exactly what you're going through.

Call now to change your life!

(*Whilst I maintain an average 95% success rate with anxiety it is illegal to guarantee future results.)

Dawn Arseneault

Anxiety Hypnotherapist
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Advanced Certification in Simpson Protocol
  • HypnoAnalysis
  • Parts Therapy
  • Past Life Regression with Soul Screening

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Imagine enjoying a deep sense of calm and peace in your day to day life. Waking up each morning feeling energised and positive after a deep, rejuvenating and worry-free sleep; being completely confident and relaxed in social situations and feeling hopeful and excited for the future, free of fear, self-doubt, insecurities, anxiety and negative self talk.

This is the life you can and truly do deserve to live. With the help of the resources and blocks of sessions Dawn provides through her convenient and highly effective online platform, you can start to transform your life within days.

Hypnotherapy will allow you to:

  • Relieve tension and enjoy a calmer more relaxed mind and body
  • Enjoy deeper, more peaceful and rejuvenating sleep  
  • Have more clarity and focus in daily activities
  • Reduce overwhelm and stress  
  • Be more confident, energised and positive in social and professional situations  
  • Improve relationships and enjoy deeper more harmonious human connections  
  • Stop cycles of negative thoughts, fear and worry from clouding your mind and stealing your energy
  • Help you manage stressful or difficult situations more easily
  • Make more positive choices again

Why Is Hypnosis So Effective In Treating Anxiety?  

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal human emotion. Out of control anxiety is a learned subconscious reaction to certain triggers, either those in our external environment or from within ourselves. For those who experience overwhelming anxiety, the natural responses to these triggers can include a wide range of symptoms, from racing negative thoughts to shortness of breath, insomnia and many more negative mental and physical states of being.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Clinical hypnotherapy utilises your subconscious mind to reframe and release your automatic stress responses, replacing them with more helpful ways of thinking, and ultimately, reducing anxiety and stress instantaneously. Through the natural daily state of hypnosis, you can begin to gain greater control over your response to triggers and stressful situations and empower your mind to be your best friend.

Will It Really Work For Me?

Hypnosis is now recognised by many mainstream medical professionals as a natural and successful treatment for anxiety that can often get greater results in less time and for less cost. Today there are 100's of peer reviewed scientific research papers showing the effectiveness of hypnosis for treating anxiety, and in my Alberta based practice I have a very high success rate using hypnosis to provide long term relief for client's suffering from anxiety, stress and trauma.

But don't take my word for it...

Hear from past clients who are now free from anxiety...

(*Disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future results.)

Anxiety Hypnotherapy
Anxiety Hypnotherapy
Anxiety Hypnotherapy
Anxiety Hypnotherapy
Anxiety Hypnotherapy

""Dawn is a gifted hypnotherapist and an even better human. She has an ability to get to the root issue that is to be addressed.

However, she does so with a luxurious kindness that is quite rare. I felt very comfortable with her from the outset. Dawn enabled me to unlock potential that I hadn’t previously believed in. Try for yourself and see. Your future is waiting..."


"This has been a life-changing experience for me. In just a couple of sessions changed all my stress eating habits into working out habits. When I get stressed out I go walking, running, or bike riding not eating chips. There are more life-changing habits to work on such as sleeping issues and spider issues. I can't wait to get over them. Dawn is amazing she made it very easy to change for the better. I do recommend hypnotherapy it changed and is changing my life for the better. The mind is a powerful tool you can use to accomplish all you need to change."

Barb Medwid

"I can't believe how life-transforming my experience with hypnotherapy has been!! Dawn makes you feel so comfortable and safe as she leads you into a wonderful experience of hypnosis. We accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend Your Life Reinvented Hypnotherapy and am looking forward to more rewarding sessions with Dawn."

Kate Dyment

"Dawn is very attentive to your needs and has a very gentle calming effect about herself. Upon introduction, you can feel she genuinely cares and wants you to help yourself. I highly recommend hypnotherapy and Dawn is a heaven send with her amazing heart!

Thank you Dawn for all the work we did!"


"Dawn is amazing! I had never experienced hypnotherapy before Dawn and I am so happy I did! Throughout the entire experience, Dawn made every step comfortable and easy. I would highly recommend Dawn as a hypnotherapist."

Kristine Visser

"Thank you so much for your expertise Dawn. Today I pushed forward on two very important fronts with regards to my business and there was NO resistance whatsoever. You are an absolute gem!"


"I've only had 2 sessions with Dawn so far and I am already noticing my thinking has shifted. My food choices are different and I am wanting more fruit and veg more than sweets, cookies, and bread AND I have way more energy. I am not burning out at 2 pm every day and feeling like I need a nap. Thank you, Dawn. Besides being kind, gentle, and non-judgmental, you are very knowledgeable and patient."

Jodi Takhar

"Dawn is a fantastic Hypnotherapist.
I needed a little push in my life to snap me out of a funk. I chatted with Dawn about this and she said that she could help. We did a few sessions and I am not dealing with my fears, and procrastination anymore. What a gift!
Dawn's techniques are to the point, non-invasive, and effective. I am looking forward to working with Dawn more in the future."

Gene Percevault

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  • Anxiety Relief Hypnosis Mp3 - Instant download
  • Instant Anxiety Relief Tips - PDF Download
  • Instant Access To 40+ Anxiety Relief Video Guides
  • Voucher for ONE FREE Phone Consultation with Professional Anxiety Hypnotherapist - Dawn Arseneault (Request a convenient time below)