Strategy Call

Want to learn more about how Hypnotherapy can work for you?

This is an ONLINE 30 minute VIDEO conferencing consultation via Zoom App which allows me to learn more about you and your struggles/issue/problem and for you to also ask me questions. Once we gather the necessary information for the said 'issue(s)' then you will be given a quote for the number of sessions and the investment for your transformation.

Initial Hypnotherapy Session

This therapy session is booked post Strategy Call as determined in your consultation. Strategy Call is REQUIRED prior to this session.

Sequential Hypnotherapy Session

This therapy is book after the Initial Therapy session. Therapy can include Direct Suggestion, Parts Therapy, Regression, Higher Self Work, and Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression/Inter-Life (Life Between Lives) Experience

Want to know about a Past Life that can give you wisdom & guidance?

Past Life Regression helps to offer insight and spiritual understanding about how our past life factors affect and play into our current one. Helping clients return to prior life spans in search of nuggets of information that can improve their present life is very profound and absolutely a transformative experience!

If you could connect to the energy of a loved one who has passed, what would you want to achieve: healing, learning, forgiveness, understanding, validation, peace? Maybe just an opportunity to say all the things you wish to say. This is part of an Inter-Life Regression session-a chance for you to step outside yourself and really learn about yourself through universal connection. This is a beautiful experience!

Retreat Package

Ever think about attending a retreat?

Enhance your retreats by adding Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions for your clients or yourself. Contact to discuss details.

* All services require a consultation first