Finding Peace with Chaos

Well alot has happened in the world in the past 86 hours and we are all feeling this energy shift all around us. Most of these events and situations are completely out of our control and this creates a highened fear within many. There are some simple steps that you can take to help calm your inner peace, re-center yourself and focus on the things we can control.

Here are some ways to calm the chaos.

1) Slow down. Breath. Try a technique called 'Box Breathing'

2) Find the positive. What we focus on simply becomes magnified. By spending time finding the silver lining, this will build momentum and engage the law of attraction in a positive direction. Swimming upstream is not the way you want to be going. It's hard. Find a way to turn your thoughts downstream. Once you take little steps of moving your thoughts into a downstream direction, you will attract more positivity, ease, calm and peace within.

3) Take a break. This can be something as simple as taking a hot bath. Give yourself a little time to reflect and breath.

4) Visualize. This is such a powerful technique. Your mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Close your eyes, breath and picture in your minds eye how everything will be fine. You will be ok. See the positives in the situation and visualize this over and over and over again. Notice how it feels within your body, your mind. Draw in as many senses as you can. In hypnotherapy this is one of the techniques we use that while our clients are in hypnosis has profound, and long lasting effect.

5) Meditate. This is not just sitting still with your legs crossed and turning off your mind. Having thoughts come and go is part of the process. It's called a mediation 'practice' because the more you practice it, the easier it becomes. When a thought comes into your mind, acknowledge it and then let it go. Give yourself grace and don't get frustrated because you 'can't turn off your mind'. Download the Insight Timer app onto your phone. It's free and it's great!

6) Take this time to improve your health and immunity. This is a great time to check in on your diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management routines.

7) Pick up your mental game. Use this opportunity to grow you more. We have the power of the internet and the resources are unlimited. Read, study, research, engage and learn. Personal growth is a powerful tool that will allow you to see exponential growth in all areas of your life. Best part, alot of it is FREE!

8) Unplug. Take a break from refreshing your screen every 10 seconds.

9) Go out for a walk and breath in the fresh air. Even walking for 10 minutes has a positive effect on not only the body, but your mind.

10) Gratitude. Every morning and every night write down on a piece of paper 5 things you are grateful for. Do this for 21 days. Watch what will happen. If you fall out of the routine, that ok. Start again. Leave a journal beside your bed for you see if first thing in the morning and just as you are crawling into bed for the night.

11) Ask for help. Together we are STRONGER!

Remember this: We have all been through challenging times and hardships before and being here proves that we have made it through. Life will always have challenges and by spending time working on some simple life tools, growing you; this will help you get stronger and even more resilient than you already are! We have the power to choose! You can choose to be ordinary or extraordinary, which one will you choose?

From the bottom of my heart,