Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is defined as an altered state of mind that bypasses the conscious mind and allows direct access to the subconscious mind. This altered state of mind enables the person to enter a deep state of relaxation in order to change a deeply rooted belief or habit.

How does it work?

The process produces an altered state of consciousness through physical and mental relaxation. The critical faculty of mind is by-passed and the sub-conscious openly receives the communication. At this time, the senses are in a state of heightened awareness. The mind will only accept that which goes along with the established morals and ethics. The person in a hypnotic state will respond only to suggestions with which he/she /them/they are in agreement. Desire, belief, and expectancy are necessary for this altered state to have an effect on the outer behavior of the individual.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes. Hypnosis is a natural and normal state of mind which we access many times in the day and are not even aware of this. It’s the same relaxed state that we are in upon awakening and when we go to sleep, or when you ‘zone out’ in front of the TV. This is the natural alpha state.

Can hypnosis make me do something against my will?

No. You never do anything against your will. If there is a suggestion that is in conflict with your morals or values your mind will simply reject it.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Yes, we enter this natural state many times in a day.

What is the subconscious mind?

Your subconscious mind is the part of you that stores all the information about you such as your memories, emotions, beliefs, and patterns of behavior. It is also responsible for all automatic bodily functions like breathing, blood pressure, and hormone regulation.

Can hypnosis really help me heal?

Yes, you have a powerful mind and a reactive body. You are constantly growing new cells and all the cells in your body right now will not be there in a year. Yet every new cell gets its information from the old cell as it dies off, and so in the case of any trauma or injury, the new cell is instructed to form in the same way as the old cell. However, it has been documented and researched that this can change, and using hypnosis we can rewire that message as we use the wonderful subconscious mind to direct it towards healing. Healing can become more rapid after surgery, breasts can enlarge and cancer can be reduced. All you have to do is to be open to the process, want it to happen, and allow it to happen.

Who can benefit from Hypnotherapy?

Everyone. There is an A-Z list of all the issues that hypnotherapy can improve. Such as addictions, anxiety, assertiveness, asthma, blushing, bedwetting, confidence, childhood trauma, depression, dental fears, eating disorders, habits, headaches, healing, insomnia, IBS, public speaking, self-worth, self-confidence, this list is endless going all the way down to weight loss. Anything you want to release and remove, delete from your life that no longer serves you for your highest good, can be easily and effectively deal with simply over a video call with Dawn, permanently removed.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different and so this is hard to judge. Using the advanced hypnosis techniques that Dawn uses, generally, most people experience profound shifts and life-changing transformations in 3-5 sessions specific to 1-3 issues on average. Depending on how deeply seeded the faulty programming and limiting beliefs are you may need a touch-up session. An example of someone releasing their unwanted habits quickly would be if someone wanted to quit smoking and they were highly motivated and highly suggestible. This is determined on a case by case basis, after a FREE 15-minute Strategy Call where we will pinpoint the issues/problems that you want to remove, and once I know I can help you, we then come up with a suitable package that works best. The techniques and protocols that Dawn uses are fast, effective, non-invasive, and profound. You will not have to share any feelings, emotions, or re-experience past trauma that happened in your life that you may or may not know about at a conscious level. Our work together is brief and the best compliment I can get is that I never have to see you again for that same issue once we remove, release and delete it, it's gone permanently.

How can I spot a good Clinical Hypnotherapist?

  • Clinical Hypnotherapists are an integral part of providing alternative healthcare services and are currently working towards being a regulated profession.
  • From the initial phone conversation with your Hypnotherapist, you should be feeling that they are generally interested in your concerns. At this point, you have a right to ask a lot of questions, such as how long they have been in business, what their qualifications are and how much training they received. Make sure that your Hypnotherapist is properly qualified and registered. You can ask if they are affiliated with any particular organizations. There are reputable organizations that have their own code of ethics. For example, membership with the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association (IMDHA) requires at least 200 hours of tuition.
    Surprisingly, there are people practicing Hypnotherapy after only attending a weekend course or two. This is not nearly enough, especially when we are working with your mind and mental health. Look for someone who has had at least 200 hours of tuition/class time.
  • I would recommend seeing a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Still, there are people using this title without understanding what it means themselves. There are only a few well trained Clinical Hypnotherapists practicing in Alberta.
    Also, be aware of the term and usage of the ‘Master’ Hypnotherapist. This involves attending a weekend course and so, therefore, it only sounds good.
  • You should also ask if the sessions will be tailored to your needs. Check out reviews.
  • Working as a team with your therapist and your commitment to your treatment and transformation directly impacts how successful your sessions will be.
  • Avoid Hypnotherapists who make unrealistic claims such as 100 % success rates or guarantees. This is misleading, unprofessional, and dishonest to make unfounded statistical claims. Also, avoid Hypnotherapists who commence treatment immediately without preceding it with some form of Initial Consultation and checking for contraindications to treatment.

Is this covered by my insurance or health spending account?

Each plan and provider is different, so you have to check with them. I always recommend verifying this with your provider, as different tiers exist within the benefits plan. Also, you can tax deduct the receipts from your personal taxes, so there would be some relief here too.

It's worth noting here, that "6 hours of Hypnotherapy is the equivalent to 600 hours of Psychotherapy so what you can achieve in 6 hours is equivalent to spending 11 and half years in Psychotherapy'' (American Medical Association) often clients see Hypnotherapy as a real investment in themselves because they got more out of it than they even originally thought they would. Basically, you will get more from this process than anything else in that period of time. You just might have to make the investment from yourself, for yourself if it can't be covered.

Something to note here is that if you are running a business, you are an entrepreneur, our work together may be able to be used as a tax deduction as we also incorporate coaching into our sessions together. Save your receipt and give it to your accountant.

What is hypnotherapy good for?

Hypnotherapy has hundreds of applications in the health, wellness business fields. Everyone can benefit from Hypnotherapy. Dawn is a success mindset expert and works with entrepreneurs from all over the world, who want to grow their online business, who are in a funk; feeling stuck to increase clarity, eliminate their limiting beliefs so that they can create the freedom lifestyle they want all through mindset mastery strategies. Dawn's clients' main focus usually starts with the fear of failure, fear of rejection, procrastination, lack of clarity/direction, fear of success, imposture syndrome, self-belief, self-worth, and confidence issues. Weight loss is another area that Dawn specializes in as it relates to her clients' confidence levels in and around their business. Hypnotherapy is very effective in dealing with issues around anxiety, depression, past trauma, family and personal relationships, manifestation, insomnia, self issues, stress reduction, pain control, performance enhancement, sexual issues, bad habits, and something as cool and fun as experiencing Past Life Regression.